Record Sealing & Expungement

Adult Record Sealing & Expungement

Carrying a criminal record can effect many areas of your life in a negative way. Under Florida Law, a person can seal and then expunge a single criminal offense record if they meet certain criteria. If the record is sealed, it will only be available to certain governmental agencies as opposed to the general public.

You may be eligible to seal a single offense record if you meet the following criteria:

  • You have never secured a prior sealing or expungement for a criminal offense,
  • You are no longer under court supervision (community control or probation),
  • Adjudication was withheld for the criminal offense,
  • You have never been adjudicated guilty of another criminal offense, and
  • The offense is not ineligible for sealing under Florida Statute §943.0584.

Juvenile Record Sealing & Expungement

Contrary to popular belief, most juvenile offense records do not automatically seal or expunge upon turning 18 years old. Neighborhood Advocacy Project can help determine when a juvenile is eligible for Sealing & Expungement so childish mistakes don’t last a lifetime.

Types of Juvenile Sealing & Expungement:

  • Diversion Program Expungement – upon application, a juvenile record is expunged after completing a juvenile diversionary program for certain offenses.
  • Early Juvenile Expungement – upon application, a juvenile record is expunged before age 21 if certain criteria are met.
  • Automatic Juvenile Expungement – unless the minor is charged with a forcible felony over the age of 18 or adjudicated as an adult for a forcible felony, juvenile records are automatically expunged at age 21, or age 26 if the minor is classified as a serious or habitual offender.
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